Amended Tax Returns

We can help you prepare and file an amended tax return. 

What we Do

We Will Help You With Your Amended Tax Return

Amended Return

Amended tax returns occur when one needs to submit a correction for a previous tax year due to the misreporting of tax credits, dependents, or earnings. Omissions can cost you, it is advantageous for you to file an amended return.

Missing A State Filing?

For those of you that don’t live in Texas you may need to have your State return amended. Perhaps you moved to Texas, from another state or vice versa. Generally speaking, information on your federal return can affect your State return.

Forgot To Submit Prior Years?

Life gets busy, we totally understand! If you are missing tax return submissions from previous years, we can help get those filed for you! If your original return is more than 3 years, you are not eligble to recieve any refund that may have been due. 

Get Back On Track

Don’t Let an Amended Return Get in Your Way of Achieving Your Goals

Filing an amended return is a simple process. Life happens, we get busy and sometimes forget to submit all of the proper information. Other times you may have had several years of where you did not file your taxes. We can help you with all of this. Getting you caught up is a great way for you to realign your future and get back on track!


Keeping Current

Better to Stay Up To Date

Some may feel they can hide longer without submitting the proper documents to the IRS. Time goes on, filings pile up and then you end up in a bigger mess than when you started. Let us help keep you on the straight and narrow.