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Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Do You Respond To Inquiries?

Most inquires can be responded to same day during business hours. However there may be delays from time to time, please allow up to 72 hours for a response.

Do You Allow For Walk-in Appointments?

Due to the respect for other clients, we ask that you schedule an in-person visit in advance. This allows us to adequetly prepare for your visit and also respect other clients whom we may be visiting with.

How Can I Check The Status Of My Tax Refund?

You can download the IRS2Go app to your iPhone or Android smart phone. It will require you to enter your social security number, filing status and the amount. You can also visit the IRS website directly using this link:

What Is The Education Tax Credit?

The two tax credits available for education are the American Opportunity Credit (formerly the Hope Credit) and the Lifetime Learning Credit. These credits are available only to taxpayers with adjusted gross income below specified amounts. Tax filers will only be eligible for one of the credits.

What Type Of Records Do I Need To Keep?

Income (wages, interest/dividends, etc.), Exemptions (cost of support), Medical expenses, Taxes, Interest, Charitable contributions, Child care expenses, Business expenses, Professional and union dues, Uniforms and job supplies, Education, if it is deductible for income taxes, Automobile, if you use your automobile for deductible activities, such as business or charity, Travel, if you travel for business and are able to deduct the costs on your tax return