IRS Audits

Have you been notified of an IRS Audit? We can help you navigate the process.

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IRS Audits

If you have been notified of an audit situation with the IRS, we can help. General causes of an audit can be to verify income submitted, confirm dependants and expenses, or taking an over excessive amount of deductions.

Recieved An Audit Letter?

If an audit is being conducted you will be notified using a letter from the IRS that will arrive in the USPS mail. In the event of an audit, it is best recommended to only supply information they ask for. Providing additional information can broaden the scope of the audit.

How To Handle An IRS Audit

Give us a call to let us know you were informed of an IRS audit, we will then pull your records and will instruct you on what additional documents we may need.

Internal Revenue Service Audit Letters

Be Aware of Spam. The IRS Will Only Contact You by Mail. Never by Phone, Email or Text Message

If you ever recieve a questionable solicitation from what you may think is an IRS audit letter, give us a shout! We can assist in helping you verify if it is a legit IRS audit.


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Don’t Fret If You Receive an Audit Letter From the IRS

We will help you navigate the entire IRS audit process in the event you receive a letter from the Internal Revenue Service.